Current funding:

Danish research council - Sapere Aude (2015-2019): From dynamc combinatorial chemistry to applications in bioorganic chemistry.

Højteknologifonden (2013-2017): InDyWeld - Invisible dyes for laser welding of plastic.

Cost network CM1304 (2013-2017): Systems chemistry. See the networks own website:

Lundbeckfonden (2010-2015): Dynamic combinatorial chemistry in water.

Past funding:

Cost network (2011-2014): Supramolecular chemistry in water. See the networks own website:

Det strategiske forskningsråd (2009-2013): NIR absorbers for laser welding.



FNU: Steno fellowship (2008-2012): Dynamic combinatorial chemistry.

FNU: Postdoc fellowship (2006-2008): Dynamic combinatorial chemistry.

University of Copenhagen: PhD fellowship (2003-2006): Supramolecular chemistry with dendrimers.


Collaborators in industry:

Novo-Nordisk A/S.

Danish Technological Institute.

Sun Chemical A/S.


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