General Research Opportunities

If you are a committed, creative and talented scientist/student you are welcome to get in touch or come and see me at the H. C. Ørsted institute. My office is in the B-building in room 310:

Michael Pittelkow
Department of Chemistry
Universitetsparken 5
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø
Ph. (+45) 30545509

Bachelor Projects

Bachelor projects (third year project) are continuously available in the group. Interested bachelor research students are advised to get in touch as far in advance as possible.

Master Projects

Master (speciale, fourth/fifth year) projects are continuously available in the group. It is not necessary to have performed your bachelor project in the group, but it is not a disadvantage.

PhD Positions

Specific PhD positions will be advertised when funding is available from external funding agencies. If you are interested in doctoral studies in the group then please get in touch as early as possible. An application typically consist of a CV, a cover letter, and reference letters from academic mentors who know your work (if you are not already from the group).
PhD positions are available each year from the faculty of science, usually with starting dates in May (applications usually due 15th February) and November (applications usually due 15th August). Information about graduate studies at the University of Copenhagen is available from the university website.

Postdoctoral Positions

Please send a CV, a cover letter and letter(s) of reference from academic mentors who know your work. Specific postdoctoral positions will be advertised when funding is available. Suitably qualified candidates are invited to get in touch at any time. Please leave enough time to work out a strategy for funding from national or international funding organisations.

Summer Students/Undergraduate Students

We can sometimes accommodate talented and motivated undergraduates during the summer vacation period or during the semester. Work is carried out under the guidance of an experienced doctoral or postdoctoral group member in the context of an ongoing project. Please contact me if this has your interest.

General Comments

Most projects in the group are of experimental character (synthesis, analysis and spectroscopy), and it is necessary to have attended a minimum of experimental courses before lab work can commence in the group. From time to time non-experimental projects will be available; please come and see me if this has your interest!


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