General stuff:




Syntheses for teams (OS recipes can be found at



About synthesis - By Mikael Begtrup

Submission after each synthesis

Exam assignment

Evaluation form


Lecture notes:

Introduction (Pittelkow/KU)

About organic synthesis (Begtrup/KU)

Chromatography (Tortzen/KU). DCVC guide. Original flash paper. DCVD paper. See video guide.

Metal-organic chemistry (Parker/Syntese)

Electrochemistry (Hammerich/KU)

Choice of bases (Begtrup/KU)

Fairy tales (Begtrup/KU)


Videos illustrating techniques (large files, so it might be slow):

- The plastic bag technique (titration of t-BuLi).

- The double septa technique to handle reactive liquids (titration of t-BuLi).

- In situ generation of CO using a two chamber technique.

- Guide to DCVC (dry column).

- How to make COS.

- Guide to close an ampule.

- Guide to filtration + Schlenk cannulation.

- Fun with photo-switch!

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